The National Curriculum is changing – How can iPads and iPods help?

So, we are finally getting a clearer picture of what a future National Curriculum may look like. With the aim to develop pupils’ grammar, spelling and the reciting of poetry, as well as the compulsory learning of a foreign language from the age of seven there is a definite need for ICT to support these bold intentions.

Here we are going to consider 5 top tips for using iPads and iPods to support the aims of the future National Curriculum.

1.    Poetry Recital - Use the ‘Voice Memo’ built-in app to record a poetry recital – with one pupil recording their part of the story or a verse from a poem, then passing it to a classmate who adds their part and so on.  Pupils can then listen to the story/poem and offer suggestions for improvements.  These can then be added to the school’s learning platform or website to encourage learning at home.  Schools can use this to collate a repertoire of poems.

2.    Spelling - Use the ‘Strip Designer’ app to create a comic book – focussing-on the correct spelling of words.

3.    Grammar - Consider the use of ‘Grammar App’ from Tap To Learn to analyse understanding of grammar, with fun exercises to support learning of key grammar concepts.

4.    Modern Foreign Languages - Use the ‘Make a Martian’ app to create an alien, which the pupils can then describe in the target language.

5.    Ancient Greek – Use the ‘Perseus’ website to translate Greek texts, after adding the Greek keyboard from the ‘International’ menu in Settings.

For further ideas on Apps visit Learning in Hand and TME.  For case studies on the use of iPads and iPods in the classroom visit The Grid.

Download a list of Apple Education Apps collated by Elm Park Primary School, a member of the Havering Apple Regional Training Centre.

Dave Smith
ICT Adviser - Havering School Improvement Services, London, England
Havering Apple Regional Training Centre Manager

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