How Peter Richardson plans to use ‘I can’ Statements in his school

At Rising Stars, we’re always keen to hear feedback from schools using our resources as it helps us to create helpful and engaging tools for the classroom. Peter Richardson, Assistant Head Teacher at Walton-le-Dale Primary, has kindly shared his feedback about the Rising Stars ‘I can’ Statements.

“One of the great things about the Rising Stars Progression Frameworks for English and Maths is the additional guidance it gives teachers to make judgements on individual objectives. This helps create far more consistency in assessments than otherwise would be likely…. Now the support comes full circle, back to where it is most needed. The children. The Rising Stars ‘I can’ Statements for Reading, Writing and Mathematics not only give children a clear understanding in just one sentence, they also further support teachers with mastery questions helping assess understanding.”

Peter has also shared how he’s planning to use the ‘I can’ Statements to create sets of objectives that focus on the needs of his school. For example, in mathematics, they have created a ‘Maths Passport’ with ten key objectives for each year group which will incorporate the ‘I can’ Statements. Other ideas include using them to create explanation videos for children (and parents), and using them to support guided reading.

You can read Peter’s feedback and ideas for how to use the ‘I can’ Statements on his blog here.

These child-friendly progression statements, written in consultation with schools, are available as a download for just £99+VAT. Click here for more details.

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