Understanding Scaled Scores

Department for Education

The DfE recently published information for headteachers, teachers, governors and local authorities about scaled scores and the national standard from 2016. You can read the full guidance on the DfE website here, but as this new method of reporting results can seem a lot to get your head around at first, we’ve summarised what we think are the key points over on our assessment website.

Head over to read what a scaled score is, how results are calculated and how schools will receive results for their children. From our assessment website you can also download all the final test frameworks and sample materials released by the DfE on 29th June.

We are also creating a glossary of new terms involved in new curriculum assessment, to demystify terms such as raw scores, national standard, age-related expectations and value-added. If there are any other terms you would like to be included, send us an email to Nellie.perrin@risingstars-uk.com. 



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