Henwick Primary have been improving their working memory with MeeMo!

Henwick Primary School in London has trialled MeeMo, the working-memory programme, with a mixed ability Year 3/ 4 class. The results have been very positive, and they are planning on running the programme across all Key Stage 2 classes in the autumn term looking specifically at the impact on the recall of maths facts and times tables.

Here are just a few statistics from the report:

  • After the programme, 100% of children had average or above working memory scores
  • 78.6% now have above average working memory scores

MeeMo Data

Not only did the pupils improve their working memory with MeeMo, they enjoyed it so much they didn’t want it to end! Even the teachers enjoyed using MeeMo:

“I personally thoroughly enjoyed MeeMo and would most definitely recommend it throughout KS2”  
Lead KS2 TA

You can read the full report on Henwick Primary’s experience of MeeMo here

MeeMo Henwick Primary Report




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