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Henwick Primary have been improving their working memory with MeeMo!

Henwick Primary School in London has trialled MeeMo, the working memory programme, with a mixed ability Year 3/ 4 class and have had some great results!

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Understanding Scaled Scores

The DfE recently published information for headteachers, teachers, governors and local authorities about scaled scores and the national standard from 2016. 

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Spacehoppers readers and ebooks case study from Brickhouse Primary School

Brickhouse Primary school have been using Space Hoppers readers and ebooks with their Year 5 children intervention group who are working slightly below expectations for reading. Helen Debney the Deputy Headteacher tells us how Space Hoppers have helped to improve their results.

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A deputy head’s perspective on mastery

With thanks to Michael Tidd for this very thought-provoking guest post

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Teaching addition and subtraction for mastery

Thank you to Caroline Clissold for these practical ways to help children acquire mastery in these two operations. These ideas are specifically targeted at Year 2 but can be adapted for any year group.

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Motivating Reading and Spelling Success with WordBlaze: Children speak out

Thank you to Victoria Bass of Cothill School for this Wordblaze case study

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Mastery in Practice

This month, our Mathematics Consultant Caroline Clissold explains what mastery means in practice. 

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Jaguar Maths in Motion Challenge

On Wednesday 24th June the Heritage Motor Centre in Gaydon housed the Jaguar Maths in Motion Challenge. The competition has been going for 15 years, but the 2015 event was the first ever World Final, open to primary and secondary schools from around the globe. Organiser Brian Richardson was thrilled to see so many schools from around the UK attending, and expressed surprise and delight that teams had come from as far as China and Australia to participate, with Harrow International School in Beijing and Kingston Primary School from Perth Australia flying in to take part (the latter accompanied by a kangaroo mascot).

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WordBlaze Reading and Spelling Intervention - a Case Study

Edgewood Primary School in Nottingham have been using the WordBlaze spelling and reading intervention programme with a small year 6 intervention group. The results have been very positive and they are planning to expand the programme across Key Stage 2 next term.

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Flipped Learning; A subtle shift in pedagogy that transforms learning for all

A guest blog post from Jen Devaney, Mathsflip Project Manager on flipped learning and the response from students. 

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