Exploring today's world through story with teacher Rosie Bloom

Last year,  Year 1 teacher Rosie Bloom contacted us with something very special: a book that she wrote and illustrated (with design from Pauline Aubury) during the first lockdown period. Rosie explains: 'the idea of writing a story came to me early in the first lockdown when I had lots of spare time. I thought that a light-hearted but meaningful story would be an effective way of teaching children about the changes they'll be facing in school.'

In Hedgehog Wants a Hug, Hedgehog emerges from hibernation to find the world a very different place. His friends are acting strangely and everywhere is very very quiet. Hedgehog soon learns about how Coronavirus has affected the world...

Rosie shared her story with Year 1 pupils from her school (Mead Primary School) on the first day back after last year's school closures. It proved to be a valuable resource in helping the children to settle back into school. 

We are thrilled that Rosie has allowed us to share her story on our blog.

  • You can view extracts from the book below or read and share it in full here.

  • Rosie has also created a Facebook page and an Instagram page called Story Time with Miss Bloom where she shares videos of herself reading picture books aloud.

What a brilliant resource to share in the classroom or at home.  

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