BETT Awards 2021

We're delighted to announce that three of our resources have been shortlisted in this year's BETT Awards!


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Reading Planet: Primary Content Category

Reading Planet is proving to be a reading scheme to beat in the primary reading market. This up-to-date resource ensures that children will meet expected standards AND find real joy in reading. The combination of print and online resources ensures schools can deliver reading in the classroom or remotely. It is highly affordable and flexible with purchasing options to suit all budgets. This year has proved that Reading Planet is a flexible scheme that can support teachers, parents and children wherever they are, resulting in a 126% increase in our customer base. As Hayley Footitt, English Lead at Ancaster CE Primary School said: ‘Reading Planet is higher quality, has better in levels of text, better stories, more relevant content and even uses the punctuation relevant to the year group. We like that the expectations are linked to the end of Key Stage assessments – other schemes don’t match up’.

Find out more about Reading Planet here


SNAP: Special Educational Needs Solutions Category

SNAP (Special Needs Assessment Profile) is an online diagnostic assessment to help identify learning and behavioural difficulties, generate targeted interventions and track pupil progress over time.

SNAP offers a triangulated approach to supporting children’s learning difficulties by involving teachers, parents/carers and pupil in order to capture a complete overview of a pupil’s strengths and weaknesses. Targeted interventions to be used by teachers in school and by parents/carers at home offer an entirely rounded approach to help support the specific needs of the pupil. These selected strategies are designed to be combined with ideas, resources and approaches already used in school and at home.

Find out more about SNAP here.


Switched on Computing: Primary Content Category

Switched on Computing is a flexible print and digital, whole school complete curriculum programme for computing years 1-6. It supports learning in the classroom as well as at home, with the inclusion of activities to allocate to pupils working from home and unplugged tasks.

Teachers of all abilities, including non-specialist teachers are able to use the resource with confidence to plan and deliver effective computing lessons with step-by-step lesson plans included  in the print teacher’s guide, and teacher’s guide PDF and downloadable lesson  plans available as part of the digital resources.

The course also supports cross-curricular learning with a breakdown of the curriculum links included at the start of the Teacher’s Book. 

Teachers can deliver the lessons using Teaching Slides on the whiteboard or can allocate walkthrough videos or individual self-marking end of unit quizzes to pupils and measure their progress using the reporting tracker.

Find out more about Switched on Computing here


The results will be announced in June, so we'll be keeping our fingers crossed until then! View the full shortlist here.

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