New Ofsted Draft Inspection Framework

Summary of the draft inspection framework

Last week, Ofsted announced their new draft inspection framework for 2019. The biggest change that it proposes is a shift towards looking more closely at ‘the substance of education: what is taught and how it is taught, with test and exam outcomes looked at in that context, not in isolation.’ What this suggests is that Ofsted will now place an equal amount of emphasis on the quality of the education that is taught as what they currently place on test results. The rationale behind this is that placing too much weight on performance measures can lead to a ‘distortion’ of priorities that ultimately affects the most disadvantaged of pupils. As Amanda Spielman, HM Chief Inspector of Education, Children’s Services and Skills, puts it:

“…a primary school that fulfils the spirit as well as the letter of the national curriculum, across the full range of subjects, is already in the right place with its curriculum.”

By proposing this new framework for inspections, Ofsted aim to inspire a culture of educating with integrity; providing young people with a balanced education that can better equip them for the future.


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