2018 national curriculum assessments calendar

Dates for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 administration

January 2018

  • 29th Jan - 'Access arrangements' on NCA tools opens

February 2018

  • 19th Feb - KS2 'Pupil registration' on NCA tool opens
  • 26th Feb - Deadline for schools to submit applications for KS2 early opening and compensatory marks

March 2018

  • March publications - KS1 and KS2 test administration guidance
  • 16th Mar - Deadline to complete KS2 pupil registration

April 2018

  • April publications - Phonics screening check administration guidance
  • 9th Apr - KS2 early opening and compensatory mark application outcomes avaliable on NCA tools
  • 16th Apr - Delivery of KS1 test materials this week
  • 23rd Apr - Deadline for schools to submit KS2 applications for additional time
  • 30th Apr - Delivery of KS2 test materials and stationery items this week

May 2018

  • 1st May - Schools administer KS1 tests during May (All KS1 test materials, excluding braille, and mark schemes avaliable to download from NCA tools)
  • 4th May - Delivery of KS2 test matierals and stationery items completed
  • 11th May - Deadline to order braille versions of phonics screening check
  • 14th May - KS2 English GPS tests
  • 15th May - KS2 English reading test
  • 16th May - KS2 mathematics tests (Paper 1 and 2)
  • 17th May - KS2 mathematics test (Paper 3)
  • 18th May - LAs start to inform schools about external moderation visits for TA
  • 21st May - 'Teacher assessment' on NCA tools opens
  • 25th May - Deadline to submit KS2 forms on NCA tools
  • 29th May - KS2 test materials and mark schemes available to download from www.gov.uk/sta

June 2018

  • 1st June - Scaled score conversion tables and test materials for KS1 tests available
  • 4th June - Schools receive phonics screening check materials this week
  • 11th June - Schools administer the phonics screening check this week
  • 25th June - Phonics screening check materials and threshold mark published on www.gov.uk/sta
  • 28th June - Deadline to submit KS1 and KS2 TA data

July 2018

  • 10th July - KS2 pupil results and marked script images on NCA tools
  • 20th July - Deadline for schools to submit review of KS2 marking applications
  • 27th July - Deadline for LAs to submit phonics screening check and KS1 TA data to DfE using COLLECT


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