Education Select Committee - Primary Education Inquiry

In the first evidence session, held in December 2016, the Committee heard from teachers on the impact of primary assessment on teaching, learning and well being.

The second evidence session, held on 18th January 2017, focused on accountability measures, including the reliability of data, and the impact of assessment, as well as the design of the new tests and potential alternative assessment systems.

Key points discussed included:

  • Writing assessment - Tim Oates, group director of assessment research at Cambridge Assessment, suggested that one alternative to teacher assessment of writing would be comparative judgement. Find out more about comparative judgement here.
  • Baseline assessment - it was argued that a baseline measure in reception is needed in order to have a good view of what's reasonable for schools to achieve. The NAHT assessment review group has also called for a return of reception baseline.
  • Getting rid of thresholds - it was suggested that the introduction of scaled scores should mean that we don't need to talk about 'passing' and 'failing'.
  • Training for teachers - it was raised that teachers need to be appropriately trained in assessment - particularly in areas of 'data literacy'.

Watch the second evidence session in full here.


baseline assessment, key stage 1, key stage 2, writing, writing assessment

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