Our exciting collaboration with NAHT!

Children need to be confident with an even wider variety of technical writing skills than ever before.  With the raised expectations of the new programmes of study for English, and increased importance placed on skills such as prĂ©cising, proofreading and writing from dictation, teachers have told us they are looking for help to consistently and confidently assess these skills.

That’s why we are proud to have published Writing Assessment Tasks in consultation with NAHT, offering a set of engaging tasks to assess composition and technical writing skills. In addition to the photocopiable, ready-to-go tasks, teachers tell us the real value comes in the marking guidance, which helps all teachers to consistently and reliably assess writing against the expectations of the new curriculum. Links to the national curriculum statements, the widely used NAHT KPIs, as well as the Rising Stars Progression Frameworks, help the tasks fit seamlessly into any school’s assessment regime.

As with all of our assessment resources, the tasks were trialled in real classrooms before publication and in the books and online you will find pupil responses to the tasks, along with the moderator’s commentary, to help inform your teacher judgement. A free gap analysis tool is also provided to show at a glance if children are making expected progress.

We’re absolutely delighted to have collaborated with NAHT to provide this range, which will really help teachers to make well informed judgements about children’s writing across the school.

Tony Draper, President of NAHT, said: “We believe that these Writing Tasks will be a valuable tool to help primary teachers consistently assess writing throughout the primary years.”

This exciting new partnership has extended to Tony chairing Rising Stars’ Preparing for the new Key Stage 2 National Tests conferences in London, Manchester and Birmingham this autumn. At these hugely popular events, Tony encouraged the 700 teachers and school leaders to ask challenging questions of the key note speakers from the Department for Education and gain as much as possible from the sessions hosted by curriculum experts and school leaders.

Of NAHT’s involvement in our conferences, Tony said: it was a great opportunity for NAHT to play a part as Chair of the Rising Stars Assessment Conferences since the Association is so committed to working alongside members to help them to assess in the new paradigm. We were impressed with the panel of experts that Rising Stars had brought together; having input from DfE, FFT and expert practitioners brought authority and practicality to the day in a fairly wholesome mix and it was clear to see that the delegates were getting some high quality answers to their pressing questions around a life after levels.” You can find out more about our upcoming conferences for Key Stage 1 here, and Key Stage 2 here. 

Find out more about Writing Assessment Tasks here. 


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