Introducing Rising Stars Assessment Bank!

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Assessment is part of everyday life in primary schools and this isn’t limited to formal tests. Teachers are always on the lookout for reliable tests and questions to put to children as they learn. Though school cupboards are full of old curriculum test questions, to ensure children are best prepared for the content and challenges of the new national tests, teachers told us they were looking for a quality-assured bank of new curriculum questions to aid teaching and learning. That’s why we created Rising Stars Assessment Bank!

Rising Stars Assessment Bank is a bank of quality test questions written for the new curriculum with a powerful search tool to help you find the questions you need in seconds. It contains thousands of questions for grammar, punctuation, spelling and mathematics, all written by assessment experts with experience in writing for the national tests. Included in the bank are all the questions from the Department for Education’s sample test papers, and you will also have access to a growing number of ready-made tests to save you even more time.

You can filter questions by topic, year, skill area and even by Rising Stars Progression Framework statement (perfect to help address the gaps you’ve identified with your other Rising Stars Assessments). Or, you can enter keywords into the search bar. You’ll then get a list of relevant questions which you can add to your test and re-order as you wish. All questions are tagged to the national curriculum and NAHT KPIs, which you can choose to include in the auto-generated mark scheme. What you then do with the questions is your choice!

You can print professional-looking test papers with your school name and logo, export to whiteboard view to display in your classroom, save the test to continue later or send a link to your colleagues to access.

Unlike other question banks, Rising Stars Assessment Bank contains only questions written for the new curriculum with the correct vocabulary used in the new national tests. This means you can assess your children with confidence and best prepare them for test success. We have ensured that your tests will print as professional looking papers and that the whiteboard view makes it ideal for classroom use as well as lesson preparation.

In addition to the ever-growing bank of questions, we will continue to add topical, ready-made tests to the bank each term. These have been developed by our expert author team and are ready to print and use with your class, or you can save a copy and change them to meet your needs.

We believe assessment tools should be intuitive to use, time-saving and constantly growing. That’s why we made the search and test building functionality incredibly easy to use, so you can spend time preparing lessons with the support of high-quality questions. With new ready-made tests and questions coming each term, you’ll always have a wealth of questions to choose from.

Here’s a video demo of the site to whet your appetite.

You can sign up for a 30-day free trial and try it for yourself here. 



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