The dawn of a new constellation

Once upon a time, 13 years ago, Rising Stars was just a logo and an idea. Thankfully it turned out to be a good idea and we followed it up with a few more. And so on. And time flew by in the way it does.

A new dawnRising Stars is now a tour de force in the world of educational publishing and I am both amazed and immensely proud of what we have achieved. We have our own office in South East London filled to the rafters with a team of amazingly talented individuals, and we make fantastic resources, lots of them. Making something from nothing, turning an idea into a reality is exhilarating and creating and developing resources and books, with and for teachers, is a privilege. We are lucky enough to work with the brightest teachers, school leaders and educational experts our education system has to offer. That’s what I love the most about what we do.

As many already know, things never stand still at Rising Stars for long and our big news is that from this month Rising Stars becomes part of Hodder Education. Hodder are well known for their educational publishing for secondary schools here in the UK and around the world and Rising Stars will be at the forefront of their new primary division.

Being independent has been wonderful (barring the odd tough day!) but I know that Rising Stars now needs the support of a bigger organisation to help us to achieve even more, and we have so much we want to do! My colleagues and I have worked with Hodder on a number of projects over recent years so we already know them well. They are lovely people and we really complement each other and share many of the same ambitions and views.

So Rising Stars has a very exciting year ahead (not least because we have some really exciting new resources on the way). I will happily still be here at the helm of Rising Stars and we look forward to seeing many of you in the months to come.

Best wishes for a very happy 2015! Shine on.


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