Info Active – Looks like an amazing Data Infographic Mashup Thing

In another excellent post from Anthony Evans he looks at Info Active:


In 2014, I hope to see this, fresh from Kickstarter, tool being used in both my own and many other schools.

Infoactive appears to combine three very useful functions:

Make info-graphic creation simpler
Help to visualise the results of a google form
Bring data to life

It is still in the private beta stage for now, but I believe the vision is for this to be a usable app/tool for business and educators. You can visit the site though and sign up early, if like me you are keen to play around.

Worth noting, that Data Handling is now called Statistics in the new Primary Curriculum. Year 3 teachers could potentially employ this tool as a way to “present and interpret data”.

If you are using Rising Stars, Switched On ICT, then it would be interesting to see how the unit , We are Opinion Pollsters could be enhanced by using this tool. This would also be a great tool for the Unit in the New Switched on Computing Unit 3.6 We are opinion pollsters - creating a survey and analysing the results.


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