World War 2: The Road To War (iPad/iPod lesson plan)

What I Know/What I Want To Know



To introduce the topic of World War 2, the children will be investigating what they already know about World War 2 and what they would like to know about the topic. This information could be then be used by the teacher to inform future planning on the topic and give the children an opportunity to guide their own learning in future lessons.



  • iPad(s), iPods(s), Android device(s)

  • Qrafter Pro app (to create QR Codes)

  • Scan app (scan QR Codes)

  • Sonic Pics app

  • Strip Designer app

  • World War 2 images saved online e.g. Flickr Account, which you can get a URL link to an image.

  • A selection of QR Codes, which link to World War 2 images saved to a Flickr account.



  1. Use a comic strip creator app, such as Strip Designer to create a front page for the photo story, including the title; What I Know, What I Want To Know. Add your name and save it to the Camera Roll.

  2. Use a QR Reader (Scan) to scan the QR Codes which will link to a World War 2 image saved online.

  3. Copy a selection of different images to the Camera Roll. Alternatively take a screen shot and then crop the image in the Photos app.

  4. Create a new project in Sonic Pics and add a relevant title and description.

  5. Add the World War 2 images saved to the Camera Roll, including the front page.

  6. Press the record button.

  7. Select an image then tap the red button to begin recording your voice. What I Know/What I Want To Know.

  8. Press pause once you have finished the recording for that image.

  9. Slide to the next image.

  10. Repeat steps 6, 7 and 8.

  11. Save the project to the Camera Roll.



The children could save the Sonic Pics to a blog space  and invite other children to watch their work. Children could research the answers to 'what I want to know' and post their answers as a comments.


Examples of children's work:


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