Switched on Learning

In September, we changed our whole school approach to teaching the curriculum.  We looked at a 'themed' approach whereby lessons were linked through Literacy and Science initially then taking on board other subjects link within our themes.  Our 'old' ICT scheme of work couldn't meet our requirements and when I saw and piloted one of the Yr5 units 'we are bloggers' I knew straight away the Switched on ICT scheme was what we needed!

It breaks the units down, into non-technical speak, meaning anybody can use it.  It is up to date, relevant and can be used by anybody especially as no special software is required - they recommend many free resources that can be downloaded in advance.

Having used the scheme in my class for the past term and just started using my 3rd unit for Yr5 - I love them - it breaks the units down into step by step - making it really easy to understand.  The children's prompt cards are fantastic as it gives the children an insight into what is expected through the unit along with the assessment matrix makes it simple to track your classes progress.

I would recommend this to anyone and I cannot wait to get my hands on the KS1 and foundation units to make our pack complete!


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