Switched On - Our story so far...

I'm speaking as an ICT Co-ordinator here when I say that the biggest thing Switched On has done for me is remove the worry that certain things are not being covered by different year groups! The names involved in the production of this scheme give me peace of mind that the quality of learning offers by the scheme is extremely high.

I piloted the 'We are Co-authors' unit in Year 4 before I presented the scheme to our KS2 staff as I wanted to know how it worked, I wanted to be able answer the questions. At the minute, there haven't been any questions. The teacher books are clear, in fact, the links accompanied with explanations to resources in which many are free is possibly one of the most powerful features for teachers who might be less confident with ICT.

In fact, after finding out about this community where it is possible to share examples etc may be this will be the most powerful feature of the Switched On ICT Schemes. We have only just begun our Journey but I will be making sure resources and evidence are shared here. A few of my staff began in November but most have just started this term.


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