Games programming with Y6 at Ferry Lane

Having had great success with our first SOICT unit (see this post), my year 6 class were chomping at the bit to begin unit 6.3 - 'we are games developers'. Only two weeks in, they are already surpassing my expectations in terms of engagement and ability.

We began by looking at games that they already knew. Their understanding and interest was high and they were desperate to begin programming. We have used a variety of tools already - Scratch and Kodu primarily for games development, but also the excellent Codecademy (more on this later), Comic Life and various web-based applications.

George and Omar are two boys who took particularly keenly to the unit. Here are a couple of short video clips of them in action. These were taken on the last day of the winter term, after a one hour lesson on how to use Kodu.

This week, George told me "I like Kodu, but to be honest, it's a bit simple. I've been looking around at something else I could use and I was wondering if you'd let me learn JavaScript?". This was on the day that Michael Gove told us we should be teaching programming... Needless to say, I 'let him' learn, and he is now wading through variables, strings and some pretty advanced coding with the help of the excellent Codecademy and its lessons in JavaScript. Video to follow...

As before, this unit has really sparked interest and engaged my lovely class. They're already hooked on ICT but SOICT is helping me as a teacher to come up with challenging and varied lessons that stimulate them all.


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