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We are musicians!

As ICT Leader and Year 4 teacher, when I asked all my teachers to try out a SOICT unit of work before Easter, I knew I had to lead the way and get creative. Receiving the packs of resources in September, my colleagues and I looked through the Year 4 units to decide which one we felt all three of us could manage with the software we already had at school, as well as considering what topics we were teaching which could be linked to ICT...

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Games programming with Y6 at Ferry Lane

Having had great success with our first SOICT unit (see this post), my year 6 class were chomping at the bit to begin unit 6.3 - 'we are games developers'. Only two weeks in, they are already surpassing my expectations in terms of engagement and ability...

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Weedon Bec Primary School gets Switched On

When Ofsted visited our school in November 2010 they identified ICT as an area for development, both the infrastructure and our Curriculum.  We had already identified this as an area for development on our School Development Plan.

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Switched On - Our story so far...

I'm speaking as an ICT Co-ordinator here when I say that the biggest thing Switched On has done for me is remove the worry that certain things are not being covered by different year groups! The names involved in the production of this scheme give me peace of mind that the quality of learning offers by the scheme is extremely high...

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MonkeyJam Animation Tool

Rebecca Law the Publishing Manager at Rising Stars has been exploring the MonkeyJam animation tool which would work really well in Unit 2.4: We are time travellers - Animating history as well as Unit 3.3 in Year 3, We are animators - making a cartoon.

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Weebly weebly good work

As an ICT lead and Year 6 teacher, I was keen to start using SOICT as soon as I could. The mixture of easy to administer ideas and flexibility mean that confident teachers and newbies alike can pick up the scheme and run with it very quickly.

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Switched on Learning

In September, we changed our whole school approach to teaching the curriculum.  We looked at a 'themed' approach whereby lessons were linked through Literacy and Science initially then taking on board other subjects link within our themes.  Our 'old' ICT scheme of work couldn't meet our requirements and when I saw and piloted one of the Yr5 units 'we are bloggers' I knew straight away the Switched on ICT scheme was what we needed!

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SOICT on your Learning Platform

Your School's Learning Platform could be an ideal place for your children to develop and showcase the work they have done in their SOICT projects.

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