Ofsted's Remote Learning Report and eduu.school

Last week Schools Week published an article detailing the main points from Ofsted’s latest report, giving their findings about remote education, and the effects on teachers, pupils and parents. 

Below, we’ve broken down some of these points and come up with helpful ways that eduu.school, a flexible, time-saving online learning platform can help save you time and stress. 

Switch to remote education has increased teachers’ workload


With 86% of teacher saying that their workload has increased since remote learning was implemented and 45% saying it’s increased greatly, eduu.school can help with 50+ hours of ready-made lessons. 
Commonly teachers have stated that they found it trickier in the autumn term with teachers having to deliver learning that was in line with the curriculum for pupils both inside and outside of the classroom. 

eduu.school takes a thematic approach to learning, while ensuring that the curriculum is covered. This is learning centred around the core concepts of Excite, Explore and Excel, allowing the pupil to journey through a structured theme, to get excited about the context of the theme, explore the learning opportunities offered by the theme and ultimately excel personally and academically.

Difficulty aligning curriculum with remote education


65% of teachers said that they had ‘somewhat’ aligned their remote learning with the curriculum according to YouGov survey data, with only 15% reporting that their school had managed to completely align their remote education to the intended curriculum. 

There were also practical issues with teaching subjects such as art, science, physical education and design and technology. 

eduu.school uses its thematic approach to cover a wide variety of subjects as well as the core curriculum in ready-made lessons perfect for remote teaching.  

Our free themes: Worth Repeating for KS1 and  Amazing Islands for KS2, are available to view now and demonstrate this range of coverage. 

A third of teachers not confident delivering remote lessons


Just over a third of teachers in the survey admitted that they weren’t confident teaching remotely. 

eduu.school supports schools in delivering live and recorded lessons via their preferred online teaching platform e.g. Google Classroom or Teams, with additional in platform video guides on how to do this. eduu.school strives to support teachers with us much CPD, help and guidance as possible to make sure that you feel comfortable delivering lessons, wherever they are. 

“The quizzes at the end of each lesson were a huge success (…) From our school alone, we had over 400 quizzes answered in over 6 weeks.” Mr Liam Guest, Head of Year 10 Thorns Collegiate Academy  (Pilot School)

With free webinars and panel discussions there’s always something to support teachers with their teaching and wellbeing. 

You can find out more by watching our free 30 minute webinar.

Feedback problems as teachers can’t see body language


Leaders noted that the main area of difficulty was picking up on pupil misconceptions in the learning process, due to not being able to walk around and see all faces. 

eduu.school gives teachers a chance to view pupil progress and support their wellbeing with built in resources. For each theme there are also six activities (one per week) for pupils to ‘Explore with your family’, which will help to identify areas of difficulty if families are able to see them first-hand, as well as extending curiosity and creativity. 

Schools went ‘out of their way’ to provide laptops


The report found that schools have gone out of their way to provide access to laptops for pupils although with poor internet connections also causing difficulties this wasn’t always a solution. 
Printable PDFs and offline activities as part of eduu.school mean that pupils are still able to learn the same skills and information as their classmates, just in a different way. 


Video lessons offer solution for shortage subjects and snow days


The report found that schools think a potential future benefit of the remote education systems that are being developed is the video content, with teachers saying that they can be a great solution for snow days, providing expert content alongside substitute teachers or providing help during extended periods of absence.

In eduu.school’s free Key Stage 2 theme Amazing Islands, pupils can access some of the great video content included, that’s great for use as self-study, as well as teacher-led learning.

You can find out more about eduu.school and hear CEO Sir Mark Grundy discussing the benefits of thematic education here or view our free Key Stage 2 theme and register to view the free theme for Key Stage 1.


eduu.school is a collaboration between Shireland Collegiate Academy Trust, Hodder Education Group, What on Earth Publishing and GLUU.  Shireland Collegiate Academy Trust brings curriculum design, assessment management and online learning (including active home learning) supported with content and platform services from the Hodder Education Group and additional content including Family Learning from What on Earth Publishing, connected by GLUU, who shape Edtech best practice into a solution that can be evidenced and shared. 


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