Geography Games - Doorstep discovery alongside capitals, continents and your compass!

Geography Games for Parents - Doorstep discovery alongside capitals, continents and your compass!

We asked Rising Stars Geography Author Anthony Barlow to put together some Geography games that parents can play at home to support their children's geographical understanding and take them out into the wider world even if they can't physically go far. 

What do parents need to know about geography and how can you help children from the ages of 3-11 engage with it?

My first advice to parents is to treat the curriculum with caution, it is sometimes a scary document that should only be used by a trained professional! We are here to help with some simple ideas you can use which can lead to rich geographical discovery near you which can help teach this ‘big picture’ geography later.

This guide will support any child’s geographical understanding, from age 3 to 11 and it promotes more than just a naming and labelling curriculum, it is one that focuses on seeing, feeling and understanding, promoting a sense of questioning and, above all, enquiry.

Geography is about locational knowledge (naming somewhere), but it is also about place knowledge of human/physical spaces, spaces that you inhabit with your child and can hopefully interact with alongside your child. This guide will help you find out about their perspectives on the world while being able to label, define and know what they can see. It might also help you share what you know about, and how you as an adult interact with what is on your doorstep: you might also learn something!


First, a quick guide to how to help your child get more from their geographical learning and a way that can help you understand the curriculum. 

Geography is about learning at different scales and each of these challenges looks at a different scale from THE HOME to... > THE STREET to… > THE PARK… next stop > The world?


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Anthony Barlow is author of Rising Stars Geography, KS1.

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