Safer Internet Day 2020 - Free to be

Tuesday 11th February marks this year's Safer Internet Day, established by the UK Safer Internet Centre, with this year's theme being 'Free to be' - looking at identity online. 

"By opening up conversations around online identity, we aim to
inspire young people to support each other in being who they want
to be. We want Safer Internet Day 2020 to celebrate difference and
help us work towards creating a truly inclusive internet." - Safter Internet Day 2020


To mark this we wanted to share some of our tips for internet safety that you can use to decorate your classroom or to start a conversation about online safety with your class.

Top Tip 1



Top Tip 2



Top Tip 3


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Top Tip 10




You can find more activties and resources for Online safety in Switched on Online Safety.


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