Our new partnership with Groupcall Analytics makes assessment data integration easier than ever before

Our new partnership with Groupcall Analytics

We are pleased to announce our new partnership with Groupcall Analytics, which will benefit GAPS, PiRA and PUMA customers using MARK, our free online assessment and reporting tool. This partnership with Groupcall Analytics will provide our customers with a time-saving solution for MIS data integration, providing increased options for enhanced data analysis.

This means that your school/MAT will be able to:

  • Automatically sync results from GAPS, PiRA and PUMA tests back to Groupcall Analytics, enabling stakeholders to get an aggregated view of results across all schools
  • Allow senior leaders in academies and MATs to use Groupcall Analytics to spot key trends and make more meaningful decisions based on their GAPS, PiRA and PUMA data
  • Automatically sync pupil data directly from your MIS to MARK, with no need for data downloads and uploads

Who are Groupcall Analytics?

Groupcall Analytics, which is built on Microsoft PowerBI, gives MATs the ability to turn their core data into a more valuable resource to fully visualise trends in many aspects of school life and make better decisions – as well as more timely interventions.

Launched in 2001, Groupcall Analytics provides data, communication, analytics and management solutions to schools, local authorities and multi-academy trusts, with products in over 20,000 U.K. schools. Groupcall Analytics has launched a number of award-winning products that increase attendance, improve child safety, enhance parental engagement and support senior leaders in getting more value from their data. Groupcall technology also powers the Child Rescue Alert system in the UK.

GAPS, PiRA and PUMA - a summary

Our standardised termly tests, GAPS (Progress in Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Assessment), PiRA (Progress in Reading Assessment) and PUMA (Progress in Understanding Mathematics Assessment), are a key component for many primary school stakeholders: they help track pupils’ progress and benchmark performance against age-related expectations. Standardised with thousands of pupils across the country, the results provide accurate diagnostic and predictive information. Increasingly, MATs (Multi Academy Trusts) are finding that the test results provide a crucial piece of evidence to support school improvement across their groups of schools. The free online reporting and analysis tool, MARK (My Assessment and Reporting Kit), plays an important role in saving teachers and leaders time in quickly analysing test results at a school level.

Comments on the integration

Katie Blainey, our Publishing Director, is very "excited by our partnership with Groupcall, which will both save schools time syncing their pupil data with MARK and enable results of our popular GAPS, PiRA and PUMA standardised test scores to be analysed alongside a broader dataset to support leaders to make informed decisions." Adrian Bantin, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Groupcall, is equally as enthused. He commented that "bringing GAPS, PiRA and PUMA standardised test results into Groupcall Analytics adds even further insight that MAT leaders can leverage to help them make data-driven decisions to deliver the best outcomes for their learners."


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