5 Key Principles for Engaging Parents with Online Safety

Parental engagement is fundamental to the success of safeguarding children online. Encouraging parents and carers to talk openly about online safety issues helps children to develop safe online habits at home as well as in school. Here are our 5 key principles for engaging parents with online safety.


5 Key Principles for Engaging Parents with Online Safety

1. Build parent confidence

Provide parents with additional advice through newsletters, the school website or an open-door policy for parents to share concerns.

2. Encourage parents to develop boundaries for the whole family

Provide information on limiting screen time, tech at bedtime and mealtimes and age-appropriateness of games and films.


3. Support the positive use of technology

Promote the use of free resources such as Switched on Minecraft and Learn to Code to encourage children to be creators of content at home, not just consumers! Are there activities that you could enjoy as a family?


4. Model appropriate use

Encourage parents to model positive behaviour online and in and around school to reinforce positive behaviour in children.


5. Use pupils to spread the message

Use your e-team to share online safety projects with parents at school assemblies or on Safer Internet Day.

 Download a free poster summarising the 5 key principles here.


For more support, check out Switched on Online Safety - a complete programme to integrate online safety across your school. Find out more.

Resources for parents and carers for Safer Internet Day 2019

Looking for resources to share with parents? Send these tips home this Safer Internet Day.




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