Exemplification material for writing and maths now published

The greatly anticipated exemplification material for English writing and mathematics has now been published by the Standards and Testing Agency. These documents serve to support accurate end-of-key-stage teacher assessment in 2016. The materials are provided for key stage 1 and key stage 2, with exemplifications for:
·         working towards the expected standard;
·         working at the expected standard; and
·         working at greater depth within the expected standard.
It is worth noting that to meet a standard within the interim teacher assessment framework, a child must demonstrate attainment of all of the statements within that standard and all the statements in the preceding standard(s). Judgement as to whether a child meets a statement should be made across a collection of evidence, rather than individual pieces of work, however, sufficient evidence of consistent performance across several pieces of work is needed to demonstrate understanding and application of that statement.
Visit our assessment community website to download the exemplification materials and useful information on the assessment and reporting arrangements for this year.



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