5 tips for school websites

Your school's website performs a number of functions and says a lot about you as a school.  But how well are you doing?  Here's a handy 5-point check list for whoever is responsible for your school site.  With thanks to guest blogger Dawn Hallybone, Deputy Head Teacher, Oakdale Junior School.  

  1. Format and responsive design

When looking at your website, is the format the same across all pages? The text, colour and images should be consistent. Is it easy to navigate? When setting up or editing, it is a good idea to get another person to go through it and give feedback. Is your website easily accessible on multiple devices. You can use this tool from google to see if your site is mobile friendly.

  1. Information

Have you included all the information that is needed on your website? It is worth going through this list to see what maintained schools must publish online.

  1. Communication

Is it clear on the website how visitors can get in touch? It is also worth uploading recent newsletters, for example, as well as standard letters/forms – admission forms, holiday request, uniform lists etc. Keeping parents informed via a calendar is also very useful.  Ensure that this is updated so the information is useful and relevant. 

  1. Social Media

A lot of schools now have a range of social media accounts – it is worth having these as buttons on your website so that parents, visitors and students can access them.

  1. Online safety

Having a news feed linked to online safety news and features is a good idea. This one from parent info is great and free.  You are able to choose the articles that relate to your school to pull in and feature.  Find more links to e-safety tips and advice on our recently published article for Internet Safety Day.

Now we've started you off with these 5 things, tweet us your top tips for school website success!  


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