The key ingredients for a safer internet

Last week, to celebrate safer internet day we hosted a competition and invited you to send in your pupil suggestions on how to make the internet a safer place.

We were thrilled with the entries we recieved so thought we'd compile some of our favourites to share!

winning entry

Congratulations to Benhurst Primary Year 4 pupil who provided THE WINNING ENTRY with their fantastic 'Recipe for a better internet'.

Their key ingredients were:

- Rules

- Being kind

- Not talking to strangers 

- Making sure you have a password.

Class 3 at Ballikinrain Schooln made a safer internet day pledge:

"We pledge to use the internet safely by being responsible, mature and respectful to others. We will not be, or get involved in cyber bullying."

Year 3CW Maadi British International School based in Cairo, Egypt also sent us their recipe for a better internet: 

1) Have a secret password and keep it to yourself

2) Don't click on pop-ups, be careful of spyware

3) Don't except cookies, don't send messages to people you don't know

4) Never click on a program that can make a virus on your computer

5) Never click on something perverted, videos or things that you don't want to do or see. 

Eastlands Primary school sent us some fantastic pictures telling us how they would make the internet a better place

Year 1

Year 4


Year 6

Yr 6

And Class 7 of Whitefield Primary School, posted their video entry on their blog

A huge thank you to all of those who entered the competition. 

If you'd like more information on embedding e-safety in your teaching or would like to know how Switched on Computing can help, click here.



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