‘They love the competitive element’ Woodlands Primary Academy, a case study from Wordblaze

Hear from Woodlands Primary Academy about how they got on with the new WordBlaze spelling and reading programme for Key Stage 2.

Our school background

We are a large primary school, situated on the east coast.  Children attend from a range of backgrounds.

When did your school start using WordBlaze and why was it chosen?

We were in need of a resource to help boost children’s spelling scores, especially in the new GPS end of Y6 assessments.  We were looking for a scheme that was phonics based but that also covered the demands of the new curriculum and the new word lists etc.   WordBlaze covered all of these aims.

How are you using WordBlaze?

We are using WordBlaze as a whole year group resource in Y5.  All children access a level of WordBlaze – this is differentiated into 4 groups with each group starting on a different challenge depending on their assessed spelling ages in comparison to their chronological age.  Two of these (smaller) groups are delivered by TA’s with the other two being delivered by class teachers.   WordBlaze is being delivered in 20 minute sessions, which take place each day.

What are the benefits of using WordBlaze?

WordBlaze does all the ‘leg work’ in choosing word lists and progression etc.   The WordBlaze daily challenges are really effective, and have a substantial impact on children securing the spelling pattern/grapheme etc that is currently the focus, and they also love the competitive element of this and trying to beat their score each day.  The WordBlaze booklets are engaging and colourful, and are laid out in a way that is easy for the children to navigate.

Does WordBlaze work?

Yes!   Whilst no statistical evidence is available at the moment, anecdotally it is clear that children’s spelling has improved. Children also enjoy their WordBlaze sessions.

Final comments

WordBlaze provides a flexible and well thought out way to boost attainment in spelling.


This case study was provided by Tim Handley who teaches at Woodlands Primary Academy, UK.

For more information about WordBlaze including videos and samples, visit our website.


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