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Benhurst Primary trialled the Switched on Computing Year 3 We are programmers unit with our mixed Year 3 and 4 class.  This was the first time the children had used Scratch and we found it great to use at this level.

The materials were very easy to use, the teacher’s notes were presented in a very logical way and were easy to follow and the video clips were extremely useful. The software was accessible. We used audacity software with our recording microphones to add voices to some of our sprites.

Benhurst Primary School

We were able to fit the unit around other teaching – I linked the unit to our topic of transport and the children created their own sprites and animated journeys on a variety of transports. Last year our Y3/4 children used scratch to animate plays linked to Literacy and History.

The class were totally engaged in this unit, they absolutely loved it. These photographs and comments from the children highlight how much they enjoyed this unit.

Stella McCarthy
ICT Coordinator
Benhurst Primary School


"I love the different scripts and the variety of characters. I also like that you can make your own characters and backdrops and change them. I like the gradient colours. It is for most ages. I also like resizing sprites if they are too big. I like the different sounds you can choose too. I think it is a creative download that everyone can enjoy!"

"I want to download it at home because it is a bit complicated and I want to practice so I can get better and faster. It is really fun!"

"I really enjoyed using Scratch, I like creating the animations and it looks great. I really want to download it at home."

"I think it was the best ICT I have done! I want to go on it at home, it was fun."

"I found the controls easy to use and fun. I will use Scratch at home to create animations and make little stories for me and my friends."

"I enjoy Scratch, because it is fun and you can make good animations. I would like to get it at home, I think my parents would like it. Scratch is great! Everybody who is creative will love it."

"I think Scratch is brilliant it was the best ICT lesson I have ever done. I would really like to do it again."

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