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One of  the first Switched on Units that I used was the Unit 'We are web developers' although this is a Year 6 unit we used it within Year 5.  The unit is detailed and easy to follow for both myself and the other teachers within the year group.  We decided to use it as another way of displaying information, our topic is the Tudors and we wanted the children to research a topic of their choice - instead of presenting this in the normal formats we decided that producing as websites would develop their ICT skills. The unit worked really well the first year so we repeated the exercise this year - again with great results.

During this unit we thought about audience, copyright, design and content.  We looked at other Tudor websites first to see what was covered, to see what we liked and what could be improved.  Weebly is a site that enables teachers to sign up, up to 40 students, it then lets you print out their user names and passwords.  It is very easy to set up and use. The children first thought about the layout and design of their sites;

We then looked at finding information and copyright, we also looked at embedding videos and how to get the code for this and embed into the site. The unit is both easy to use and follow - and although we did not follow it completely that is the beauty of the SOI units, it also enabled us to be able to assess easily and track progress that was made.

You can see a selection of the websites produced here.  These were produced in class with the children working in pairs, they then evaluated each others, providing feedback and possible improvements.

It has also been great seeing the children continue to work with Weebly at home using it to produce sites for their homework.



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