Switched on ICT and the new draft Programme of Study for Computing

The public consultation on the draft National Curriculum is open until 16 April 2013. The new Programme of Study will be implemented in Sept 2014.  One of the most significant changes was to replace the existing ICT curriculum with a new Computing curriculum which has a much stronger focus on programming at primary level.  See the draft Programme of Study for Computing


Key points to note:

• Key stage 1 introduces algorithms and programming.

• Key stage 2 sees further emphasis on programming, linked to algorithms. There’s an expectation that pupils understand how the Internet works, and that this is different from the Web. They should also understand how search engines operate and be able to use these.



How can Switched on ICT help my school prepare and teach this new curriculum?

Switched on ICT helps schools to teach programming from Year 1 to Year 6 giving your school a head start in preparing for the new curriculum. We’ve prepared a detailed matching chart to show you how Switched on ICT’s units can be used to address the new programme of study. View the matching chart.

If the curriculum changes during the consultation we will continue to keep you informed about how you can continue to use Switched on ICT confidently. Do make sure you’re registered on the Switched on ICT mailing list to ensure the latest information is delivered straight to your inbox. Register here.






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