Unit 5.3 introduction: We are bloggers

Media reviews

About this unit

Software:   WordPress / Blogger / learning platform blogging tool or similar (also, GIMP, Audacity®, Windows Movie Maker (Windows XP), Windows Live ™ Movie Maker (Windows Vista and 7))

Outcome:  Online blog, comprising a number of posts, some of which include additional media

Blogging, and other Web 2.0 tools, has transformed the web into a medium that allows all to share their insights and experience with a wide audience. For school children, this means that the work they create need no longer just be for themselves, for you, or even for one another; it can have a worldwide audience. Reading and commenting on the work of others extends the children’s sense of being members of a learning community beyond the confines of the school. In this unit, children will create their own blog, with images, videos and hyperlinks, comment on other blogs and respond to comments on their blog.


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