Rising Stars Advent Calendar

To celebrate the holidays we've created our very own Rising Stars advent calendar, and each day we'll share a fantastic English lesson plan with you!

All of the lesson plans have been written with National Curriculum objectives in mind, and will provide you with some exciting new ideas for your pupils. 


Advent calendar

Day 1 - L is for London

Day 2 - Close-up Continents: Mapping Europe

Day 3 - The Queen's Handbag

Day 4 - How to Hug with Hugless Douglas

Day 5 - The Power of Sloth

Day 6 - The Frog Olympics

Day 7 - The Lion Inside

Day 8 - Finders Peepers

Day 9 - Whiffy Wilson: The Wolf Who Wouldn't go to Bed






Assessment, Geography, History, Mathematics, Reading and Ebooks

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