2016 Statutory Moderation Requirements

Over on his blog, deputy head Michael Tidd has conveniently summarised the DfE’s latest instalment of information on statutory moderation requirements for 2016. It includes the new earlier dates that Teacher Assessment judgements must be submitted:

  • Key stage 2 by Friday 27th May
  • Key stage 1 by Monday 13th June

The announcement confirmed that a sample of at least 10% at KS1, or 15% at KS2 will be used for moderation (minimum of 3 or 5 pupils respectively). KS1 cohorts will have reading, writing and maths moderated and for KS2 cohorts only writing will be moderated.

The Local Authority moderator will scrutinise day-to-day work, rather than portfolios, with the intention of avoiding an increase in teacher workload. The Standards and Testing Agency of the DfE will select some schools for moderation and the local authority must choose the remainder, making up 25% of its schools.

For the full summary, visit Michael’s blog here.

Guidance and requirements to support schools and local authorities involved in key stage 2 teacher assessment and statutory moderation in 2016 can be found on the DfE website here.


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