16th December - Green Lizards vs Red Rectangles

It's the final lesson plan from our Rising Stars advent calendar! Today's lesson plan uses the very topical Green Lizards vs Red Rectangles, a brave and thought provoking book about war and peace. You can buy the book for your class here

English Grid

Objectives to be taught



Reading objectives: Y1-Y6

Statements, commands, questions and exclamations from Y1 – Y6.

A powerful picture book about war and peace. This is indeed a very powerful picture book that could be used with pupils from Y1 to Y6.

Teachers could share the front cover with pupils and simply ask the questions, ‘What is this book about? Why has the author used vs?  If the book was called Lizards vs rectangles would the title be as good? How necessary are the colours green and red in the title? Look at the illustrations on the cover, how do they enhance the title? Why are the lizards standing amongst the rectangles?’ Pupils will probably raise more questions whilst answering them and this can be explored together in a book club style environment.

All pupils are expected to understand and use different forms of sentences. The illustrations in this book provide perfect opportunities to freeze frame situation and create statements, questions, commands and exclamations. Teachers could divide pupils into groups and give them an illustration – for example the double spread opposite shows 5 different examples. Each group could write 1 statement, 1 command, 1 question and 1 exclamation to share with the class. These could be discussed and again evoke a high quality discussion.

Green Lizards and Red Rectangles

what are we fighting for

Read Aloud: drama

Conscience Alley is an obvious activity to do whilst reading this book. On one side green lizards and on the other red rectangles. A pupil walks through the alley and lizards and rectangles may shout:

Reasons for fighting


Other activities

This book will evoke feelings amongst pupils and they may relate it to other stories, for example Romeo and Juliet.

Other pupils may relate this story to our world today.

Why did the author use lizards and rectangles?

How does the art work promote both ‘war’ and ‘peace’? 

Pupils could write in a variety of forms and for a number of purposes:

  • Prologue: set the scene, explain what this war is about?
  • Dialogue: play script, emails or phone conversation between lizard/lizard; rectangle/rectangle and lizard/rectangle
  • Social media: Twitter feed or Facebook page for lizards or rectangles
  • Poetry: the lizards’ story…
  • Diary entries
  • Letter writing: Write to MP explaining how this book could inspire 2016…




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