10th December - Finders Peepers

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Today's fantastic lesson plan is based on Ruth and Neil Thomson's Finders Peepers. You can buy the book for your class here

Thanks to Maddy Barnes, Assistant Head Teacher at Sacred Heart Catholic School and English Consultant.


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Objective to be taught



NC Year 1 Reading Objective

Explain clearly their understanding of what is read to them. 

‘Finders Peepers is a treasure trove of photographic puzzle fun to share. From a toy cupboard to a plane-filled sky, each enticing scene will fascinate and entrance children as they answer the questions and solve the simple puzzles on each page.’ (taken from the blurb)

Each double spread is filled with photographs and questions. Pupils need to use early skimming and scanning skills to access the questions.

In order to answer some of the questions, pupils will need to justify their opinions.

A sample double spread:

‘Mask Parade’ – variety of masks on the backdrop of a stage. Questions embedded on the page are: Which mask would you like to wear? Find matching pairs of masks. Who looks happy? Who has the biggest ears? Which animals have sharp teeth? Find an upside-down mask.

Skimming and scanning skills throughout KS2

KS2 pupils could share this book and then design/create their own versions of the double spreads. Pupils could be encouraged to use the internet to collate high quality images within a theme. Then pupils can write a range of questions – some open ended and some closed.

Writing their own questions for younger pupils to answer should challenge KS2 pupils and make them really think about what a ‘good question’ actually is.

Teachers could support pupils by providing a success criteria for this task:

  • Think of a theme that will appeal to a younger audience

  • Research images and choose the very best

  • Consider layout and presentational devices when organising the page

  • Use a range of question stems to prepare a variety of question


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