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Achieve Level 6 Case Study: Bathwick St Mary Primary School

I work as one of two Year 6 teachers in a Bath primary school. We have one form entry and currently have thirty-two children in our Year 6 class. We have a range of children in our school in terms of ethnicity, social groups, etc., but our intake is mainly white, British middle class. We have used the Achieve books as revision books for over ten years with our Year 6 pupils.

Achieve was introduced to help initially with revision in the final weeks before the SATs and to ensure full coverage of all areas in English, Maths and Science. We now also use the Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling books, and most recently have purchased the Level 6 books. We set weekly homework using Achieve as we can easily differentiate. We started to use Achieve books by the end of the autumn term (December) and they have really made life easier for teachers and students. We also use them in class, both for teaching and for independent activities as the SATs draw closer. The Level 6 books have been particularly well used over the past  two years as this was so new to us all and they helped show staff and students just what was required.

The books themselves are very thorough and extremely easy to read/use/understand/mark. The children can see how well they are doing and they really enjoy all the topics being separated into sections. The information pages are also vital during revision sessions and when the children are working independently at home. The books are very child-friendly and the levels allow for excellent differentiation. It all means that the children are exposed to questions like the ones that will appear in the SATs but without them looking like a test paper and without them even realising that they are revising. The children also become quite competitive about how well they have scored and how many sections they have completed. They can monitor their progress and see real improvements.

The Achieve books have always had an impact on our results, most noticeably over the past two years at Level 6. We entered eleven children for maths and four got a Level 6. We also entered thirteen children for the Level 6 SPAG and ten achieved the Level 6. Their results can really be seen as being helped greatly by the Achieve books. So much of the children’s success is down to using of both books as independent learning (as we didn’t always have staff to teach them separately) and also in class activities.

The Achieve Level 6 Revision, Practice Questions and Teacher’s Books were also very useful for teachers who were not 100% sure of the content for Level 6. We will continue to use Rising Stars’ Achieve books for as long as they are produced. We will also use both the Level 6 Revision and Practice Questions books next year as the information in the Revision books is so helpful when used alongside the Practice Questions. Thank you for creating these excellent resources – we would struggle to prepare for the SATs without them. Our results have improved and the pressure of creating homework activities has been relieved by the Achieve Level 6 range. I would recommend schools start using them as early as possible in Year 6.

Victoria Bowman, Bathwick St Mary Primary School.

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