Year 3 animation using ipads

Our School

‘Severn’ is a large school situated in the heart of Canton which is about a mile from the centre of Cardiff. Our children come from a wide variety of social and cultural backgrounds and we pride ourselves in being a happy school where children can learn in a safe, stimulating, inclusive environment.
(“The inclusive ethos of the school is excellent and the promotion of diversity is outstanding”. Estyn 2010)

ICT Christmas Competition

We entered this competition late at the beginning of December. The lack of time didn't bother us as the unit "We are Time Travellers" really grabbed the children's interest. This unit uses animation to depict events in history. We usually use Digi blue cameras for animation although as we now have iPad apps we thought we would combine and trial this emerging technology with the fantastic ideas present in "Switched on ICT unit" .

The whole class really enjoyed the project!

Thank you


Switched On Computing, we-are-time-travellers

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