Congratulations to Southdale C of E Junior School for this winning competition entry!

We are photographers!

As we had already planned and was well into teaching this half terms work using the Rising Stars ICT units I decided that, for the Christmas Competition, I would use the year photography unit with a group of 11 junior school children (including children from year 3, 4 and 6).

These children, for a variety of reasons, had not gone to the theatre with the rest of the school so I decided to make the afternoon as much fun as possible for them.

I had already warned them about the task ahead and we had discussed how they might research the topic so they were prepared for the afternoon. We discussed props that they might need or could use.

On the afternoon they chose to work individually or in pairs but each took and worked on their own photos.

They threw themselves enthusiastically into their work taking a range of photos and then editing them in the ICT suite with a range of software with interesting results.

They had a wonderful time exploring the possibilities and discussing with each other how to achieve certain effects. And I had a great time teaching them!!!

The photos they took were mainly of tree ornaments (some of which had been made by y6 the week before).

It was a splendid opportunity for us all to get involved with the unit and everyone got something out of it. I was really pleased with the results of their work - especially Tegan from y3 - this was her first attempt at anything like this and put a lot of thought and effort into her photo.

The theme gave the children a good focus and because of the editing software everyone could be creative and achieve success.

A great afternoon was had by all!!!

This competition has made me think about my planning for next year and I will be including a Christmas theme into my half-term planning rather than just an afternoon (and a bit)!

Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year

Margaret J


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