Children’s book tells young carer’s story

Femi’s Story, by Adam and Charlotte Guillain, shows a young person whose mum has MS facing some of his challenges. They were asked how they went about writing it.

Right:  Charlotte Guillain and Adam Guillain  Left: Year 6 at Greenwicks: Femi's Story

What was your main motivation for writing the book?

We wrote the book as one title in a series about four children who are in their last year of primary school. Each character has to face their own challenges and we wanted one of them (Femi) to be a young carer. We wanted his character to highlight what that means for a child and positively represent readers who are in that position.

Year 6 at Greenwicks: Femi's Story

What approach did you take when writing it? How did you involve the MS community?

We relied on information such as case studies and videos provided by organisations such as the MS Society, and charities supporting young carers. We wanted to find out about as many different real-life situations as we could to try and make Femi’s experience as authentic as possible.

We hope it’ll be well-received by children who are familiar with Femi’s situation. And by people who are finding out about it for the first time.

Some children reading Femi’s story might be in a similar situation, and some may not. What would you like them to take away from this story?

We hope any child who reads about Femi will feel more empathy towards any friends or classmates in a similar situation. We want the story to make them stop and think about how they can support their friend. For any reader who relates to Femi, we hope they feel seen, appreciated and supported. And maybe even able to open up about something that’s worrying them.

Year 6 at Greenwicks: Femi's Story

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