How we use Shine at St Barnabas CE First & Middle School

After pupils sit the PiRA, PUMA & GAPS papers, our team of HLTAs at St Barnabas CE First & Middle school enter the test results into MARK, the free online assessment and reporting system, so that we can provide class teachers with diagnostic reports that identify strengths and areas for improvement for individual pupils and groups. We then use Shine to produce targeted learning sequences for reading, maths and grammar and punctuation. Class teachers together with Teaching Assistant colleagues meet to identify which groups of pupils will benefit most from the planned interventions.

Teaching Assistants use the learning sequences produced from Shine to help pupils to further develop their understanding and to rectify any misunderstandings that have been highlighted in their performance within the PiRA, PUMA & GAPS papers.

Prepare, Do, Review

'Prepare' Guidance

Our Teaching Assistants have found the Shine Prepare, Do, Review guidance a fantastic resource to start their intervention sessions.  During the sessions we delivered during the summer term, pupils who had not met Age Related Expectations by 5 - 10 marks really benefited from the interventions. Our Teaching Assistants reported that many of the children had “eureka” moments where it was evident that the children had grasped a full understanding of the concept they were learning.

Teaching Assistants found that the quizzes allowed pupils to demonstrate their understanding and this allowed the Teaching Assistants to confidently track progress.  They also used the recording sheets to record progress and used these sheets when feeding back to teacher colleagues.

Once pupils have been identified, using the analytical data from MARK, Teaching Assistants then use the Shine resources to plan the intervention sessions. Most year groups have three 15 - 20 minute sessions each week where pupils work on the Shine resources.Both Teachers and Teaching Assistants have great confidence in the Shine materials.  The Prepare, Do, Review composition of the planning documents allowed colleagues to provide intervention sessions that had maximum impact for the pupils within each of the groups. The Learning Sequence materials have allowed colleagues to concentrate on supporting the learning of the pupils rather than having to spend precious time devising content to deliver to the groups. 

Using Shine outside of the classroom

During the summer term our intervention sessions mostly were delivered “out of the classroom” mainly due to the number of children who required support.  Our Shine intervention groups became a major element of our “COVID Catch Up Programme” and the results have been impressive with the vast majority of pupils who engaged with the programme now working at Age Related Expectations.  

Feedback from the children was that they enjoyed the sessions and really enjoyed the content of the Shine materials.  They particularly enjoyed using the interactive software on their iPads and Chromebooks. 

A positive impact

We can see, through our evaluation of last term’s interventions, that Shine has had a very positive impact upon the learning and development of our pupils. As a consequence, our plans for the forthcoming autumn term are that we will utilise the Shine materials to ensure that as many of our pupils as possible have the opportunity to be working at ARE.

Find out more about Shine Targeted interventions for Reading, GPS and Maths or speak to your local Assessment Consultant about it.

Stephen Booth, Headteacher at St Barnabas CE First & Middle School.

Stephen has been teaching for 30+ years starting his career in Derbyshire before moving to Worcestershire.

Stephen is responsible for creating a one to one iPad scheme at St Barnabas in 2014 where all KS2 & KS3 pupils have a personal device that they bring to school each day.

St Barnabas was the first school in Worcestershire to implement such a scheme.  Stephen now advises other schools in Worcestershire & Herefordshire regarding the use of Computing to enhance and support the curriculum at school and at home.


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