Answering your Progress Tests FAQs

With over 6,000 schools using our Progress Tests for Reading, Maths, GPS and Science, we spoke to teachers using the tests and the authors of our Progress Tests to answer some frequently asked questions.

We use the previous edition Progress Tests, how do the new editions compare to the tests we are currently using in our school?
We asked Christ Church CE Primary School, who used the first edition Progress Tests in their school for several years before updating to the new editions, to compare the tests and share their experience using the new editions.  Learn about their experience.

We are looking to familiarise our pupils with multi-stage maths questions, do Progress Tests offer this?
Yes they do.  Trevor Dixon, author of Mathematics Progress Tests (Second Edition), discusses the content of the updated editions here and the introduction of 3-mark questions here.

Do Progress Tests expose children to the question types children face in the SATs?
Yes they do.  We asked Maddy Barnes, consultant for English Progress Tests (Second Edition) to explain how the new editions reflect the style of questions in the National Tests.  Read more

If you want to see how other teachers are using Progress Tests in their classes, you can read more case studies here.



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