Assessing pupil progress against the new National Curriculum

Progression Frameworks logoFrom September 2014 each primary school will need to have in place a system for assessing pupil progress against the new National Curriculum. To help schools do this, Rising Stars has worked with advisers from Cornwall Learning to produce a Rising Stars Assessment Progression Framework for each of English, mathematics and science. In each framework the Programme of Study is broken down into a number of progression statements. For each statement there are three sets of ‘what to look for’ guidance notes so that teachers can evaluate whether each pupil is working towards expectations, meeting expectations or exceeding expectations.

We are also working with Classroom Monitor to make the progression framework the default tracking option for all Classroom Monitor customers. It will be completely editable and will cover English, maths and science.

“I’m really pleased to be working closely with Rising Stars on such a valuable resource for schools for tracking the new curriculum. Schools are asking us for guidance on formative assessment and to provide a robust framework. It will undoubtedly save schools hours of time and help them in their planning for the new curriculum.” - Chris Scarth, Commercial Director, Classroom Monitor

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