New Suggested Reading Planet Book Bands for our Reading Assessments

We know that Reading Age is the outcome schools find most useful when they speak to parents, as they can show a clear comparison of the child's actual age and the age they're reading at. This outcome is one of the many useful measurements calculated based on pupils' results in either of our standardised reading assessments: New PiRA (Progress in Reading Assessment) and NTS Reading Assessments.

However, we've recently had several schools who use Reading Planet alongside our reading assessments ask for an additional outcome to use alongside Reading Ages - book band suggestions!

So, we're happy to deliver... this handy table can help inform Reading Planet book band allocation for new joiners to find the perfect books for them, or simply form an additional piece of evidence to use with your teacher judgement.

For pupils achieving the expected standard in their reading assessment, their book band is likely to be:

Download and print it here!


Please note, it's not possible to provide a book band for every score in each of our tests, so these suggestions are intended as a quick reference for children achieving the expected standard. For pupils working below or above expected standard, your teacher judgement will be required to identify the right books to nurture their love of reading. 

For any questions on Reading Planet or your reading assessments, please get in touch with your local consultant!


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