Fun tips and tricks to help make working from home a little easier

Remote working for a longer period of time than anyone is used to or was prepared for, has and will continue to create challenges, so the team at RS Assessment from Hodder Education have put together some of their own simple tips and tricks that have helped them at home and might help make things a little easier for you too:

Silence is not always golden
If you live on your own but you’re used to working with others, being at home can suddenly feel very quiet. Some background noise - the radio or a podcast - can help to create an atmosphere where you feel more motivated.
Essential screen breaks
It’s too easy to forget to take regular breaks. Setting an alert on your watch or phone will give you a nudge to look away from the screen and move around. One piece of advice that came from my optician was to stand at your window and focus as far into the distance as you can. This combats the weakening of the eye muscles that can come from looking at a screen for too long.
Start your day on the right foot
Make up for the lack of commute by starting the day with a walk or run. If that isn’t your thing, boost your energy and mood from the comfort of your own home by playing a favourite song and dancing like no-one’s watching. Dancing is great physical exercise and is sure to put a smile on your face.
Hit the high notes
If physical activity isn’t for you, instead of dancing to your favourite song, find the karaoke version on YouTube and unleash your inner Mariah. Just like exercise, singing releases feel-good neurochemicals that can give you an instant uplift in mood.
You gotta work… for that cuppa
Feel like you spend all day sitting at your makeshift desk and don’t have the time to go out and exercise? Next time you make a cuppa, use the time it takes for the kettle to boil to do some exercises. 10 star jumps will really make you feel like you’ve earned that extra biccie.
Don’t forget to be social
Remember that being in the workplace has a social side too – we break up the day by chatting with colleagues at the coffee machine, when waiting for meetings to start or showing the person next to us a cute cat video. Give yourself permission to text a friend or have a quick phone call without feeling guilty.
Don’t have an office grade chair?
Padding out a dining chair with cushions on the seat and back rest may seem obvious but can help to reduce the risk of a bad back and sore posterior. And, of course, don’t forget those regular breaks too!
Dress for success
Really feeling in a slump and need an emergency boost to stop the days all merging into one? Put on that power suit and channel some executive realness. Dressing like you’re going to work can help to get you in the right frame of mind and create a distinction between work time and home time.
Add a commute into your day            
Stretch! It’s a good one for anyone who’s got ‘tech-neck’ from their new working position or for those who are suddenly doing a lot more exercise than they used to (got to make use of your hour a day). You don’t really need too much space but it’s time away from a screen and to reset your mind before your evening… so a commute for your mind if you like!
Thank you to our colleagues at RS Assessment who offered their tips and tricks, including David, Kate, Hayley, Chantelle and Alison. To learn more about RS Assessment visit us here

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