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Maths: the big ideas

The beauty of maths lies in the interconnectedness of ideas and concepts yet this concept of relationships is often lacking in children who struggle with maths.  Mike Askew, Professor of Education at Monash University, Melbourne, has written about what he calls the big ideas of maths.  These help connect different areas of mathematical understanding, yet are small enough to understand in their own right.  

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Preparing reception children for the Year 1 programme of study for mathematics

Thanks to Caroline Clissold for this guest blog post that focuses on the youngest children at school, exploring ways to use a mastery approach to support them on their learning journey and prepare them for the demands of the Years 1 programme of study. Caroline is a primary mathematics consultant and author of Rising Stars Mathematics.

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A study beyond 1066 – a missed opportunity

Bev Forrest and Stuart Tiffany discuss the planning for and delivery of the post-1066 study at Key Stage 2.

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