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Assessing Computing – a 3 step guide

Assessment is huge. We frantically scrabble from one assessment point to the next, hoping and praying that our pupils have made progress. Often asking ourselves how we managed to survive the onslaught of pink and green pens and whether we have given the children enough time to reflect and respond to our marking. We all know that marking and feedback has a massive impact on progress, but often balancing this with the number of other tasks we need to complete is mind-blowing. And there's more – we must assess Computing too.  Please keep reading though...  Guest blogger, Ben Cornford gives us his 3 step guide to assessing computing.

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Mental Maths: Is it still relevant?

We all know by now that the  former mental mathematics test is to be replaced by a 30-minute arithmetic test. Does this mean that we should stop teaching Mental Maths? No! Maths Advisor, Caroline Clissold, explains why.

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Using Wikispaces and Scratch to learn about history

Ben Cornford, ICT & E-Learning Advisor at Thomas A Becket Junior School, West Sussex shares how their pupils have been using different computing programs to help with their history projects.

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How to get your children hooked on Shakespeare!

The more time passes, the older Shakespeare gets, and the more ancient and inaccessible his language becomes. So how to engage children and hook them in – especially given the move in education to introduce Shakespeare at a younger age?
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How often do we find a resource that develops teachers as much as children?

How often do we talk, as a profession, about reinventing the wheel? The change of curriculum has probably led to more wheel-inventing across the country than ever before, as teachers up and down the land try to build up a bank of tools to match the new criteria, and replace those that were used in the past.

The thing about reinventing a wheel is that it seems quite straightforward – until you realise that somebody went and designed the tyre to go with it, and a whole new leap is made! And so it is with the new Rising Stars ‘I can’ Statements.

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