We are Games Testers, Unit 2.2

James Dixon Primary School has been using Switched on Computing to teach the new computing curriculum. Becky O'Brien, Year 2 Teacher and Computing Leader, has written the below post on her experience using Unit 2.2, We are Games Testers.

Planning the unit
I worked through the Switched on Computuing Teacher's Guide and played on all the games given as examples first. I found all of them easy to understand and explain so didn’t feel the need to use the support videos. I have however spent quite a lot of time making resources for 4.1 and 4.2 and I found the Software in 60 seconds to be invaluable.

Running the unit
Children worked in pairs and we used the scratch examples given in the teaching notes. Children gained access to these from links on our school blog. Each session lasted for approximately 50 minutes but we only completed 4 out of the 6 lessons due to school nativity rehearsals!

Adapting the unit
I made Smart notebook presentations with speaking frames for the children to use while they were testing the games. We also had a worksheet for them to complete which asked key questions about how the games worked. The worksheets were very helpful for assessment and evidence of what the children had done in this particular unit.

Children's response
The children loved this unit. They really enjoyed playing the games and seeing the ‘old fashioned’ games consoles. I would have loved to have shown them one in action. I was really pleased at their involvement in the tasks and it was very easy to keep them on track. The level of speaking and listening was also good.

The more able children achieved the outcomes well. This I think has a lot to do with the level of logical thinking. They found it much easier to explain what was happening in a well thought out way. Their understanding of cause and effect is much higher. They also liked seeing the code behind the game.

Assessing outcomes
We used observations from the lessons, the worksheets we provided and the conversations we had had with children throughout the lessons to make a judgement about where they were working. We did this against the differentiated statements provided in the teaching guide. We have used these statements on our schools assessment sheets to make sure they are in line with the school assessment policy.

I’ve really been enjoying teaching from the plans so far. The children have loved the lessons and have been really engaged!


Switched On Computing

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