We are Cryptographers Unit 5.2

Crosshall Junior School has been using Switched on Computing to teach the new computing programme of study. Below is a blog post from teacher Liam Murphy about how they ran the Year 5 unit, We are Cryptographers.  

As per the planning in the Teacher’s Guides, we introduced Semaphore. We provided children with flags and using iPad devices and Pic Collage, the children created a picture of themselves spelling out their name. Next, we made electrical circuits (building on Year Four science knowledge) and sent messages using Morse Code.

Unit 5.2_Crosshall junior imageThe children enjoyed the hands on and practical elements of this unit. We were able to all see how the sending of messages over time has progressed and the need for these to be encrypted.

The resources provided by Switched on Computing were used for looking and learning about at ciphers. We arranged a visit from Tom and Bletchley Park, who came to school with an Enigma Machine and built upon the previous work about encryption. This, for both adults and children, was a highlight of the term. We completed the module by looking at how prime numbers are used in internet encryption and linked this to everyday lives in 2014.

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