We are Co-Authors Unit 4.5

Thomas A Beckett Middle School is a large 7 form entry school that has been using Switched on Computing to teach the new computing programme of study. Below is a blog post from teacher Ben Cornford about how they ran the Year 4 unit, We are Co-Authors.

Running the unit
Having used wikis before, but as part of a learning platform, we needed to take the decision early as to which wiki platform we would use – as the school did not have a usable learning platform. The decision was made to use wikispaces and all pupils were set up with accounts.

Due to time constraints, this unit needed to fit in with the wider curriculum, as well as setting the foundations for eSafety in the year. It was therefore not by accident that this was the first unit of the year.

There were six planned lessons, each lasting around 1 hour, however some technical issues with our school network meant some of these were shorter, the time was made up by extending some of the later lessons.

Linking to other areas of the curriculum
This unit linked entirely with the cross curricular unit on Romans, Celts and invaders. The pupils would use this unit to develop and share the information they had found on the topics they had researched.

Children’s reponse
The children were enthused by the unit and it allowed them to engage with, what could have potentially been, a rather dry research based task. They enjoyed using the comment function to provide formative feedback.

Assessing work
We used the self-assessment sheets included in Switched on Computing. Teachers were also able to use the sheet to make comments and notes on the bottom and provide areas for development.


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